Some Resource Types support pagination of the data for the endpoints that return a set of data.

Response Structure

A call to a paginated resource type returns the resource types wrapped with information about the pagination

  "items": {...},
  "totalItems": "number",
  "offset": "number",
  "items Per Page": "number",
  "page": "number",
  "links": {...} 
Response Item Description Data Type
Items The items in the page. Array of resource type
Total Items The total count of items in the result set. Number
Offset The offset of this page. Number
Items Per Page The number of items in a page. Number
Page The current page number. Number
Links Set of links to navigate the pages PagedResultLinks

Paged Result Links

A set of links that can be used to navigate the results

  "first": "string",
  "next": "string",
  "previous": "string",
  "last": "string"
Response Item Description Data Type
First Link to the first page. URI
Next Link to the next page. URI
Previous Link to the previous page. URI
Last Link to the last page. URI