Resource Type: Livestock – Animal Weight Event


Get all Animal Weight Events that you have access to.

GET /data/livestock/weight/animal-weight-events

Get a single Animal Weight Events for the specified AnimalWeightEventId, the Id is required.

GET /data/livestock/weight/animal-weight-events/{AnimalWeightEventId}

Get all Animal Weight Events that are linked to the provided HoldingId, holding Id is required.

GET /data/holdings/{holdingId}/livestock/weight/animal-weight-events

Get a single Animal Weight Events with a given HoldingId and AnimalWeightEventId, both Ids are required.

GET /data/holdings/{holdingId}/livestock/weight/animal-weight-events/{AnimalWeightEventId}

Response Structure

A call to the Animal Weight Event endpoints returns the following fields:
The animal weight event endpoints with multiple entries are paginated, please see Pagination for more details.

    "self": "string",
    "location": {...},
    "meta": {...},
    "resourceType": "/livestock/weights/group-weight-event",
    "contemporaryGroup": "string",
    "eventDateTime": "2022-12-14T01:52:01.454Z",
    "id": "string",
    "remark": "string",
    "responsible": "string",
    "traitLabel": {...},
    "animal": {...},
    "device": {...},
    "timeOffFeed": 12.69,
    "weight": {...}
Response Item Description Data Type
Self A link to this specific Group Weight Event. URI
Location An identifier for the location of the Group Weight Event. Identifier
Meta Meta data for the resource. Metadata
Resource Type The fixed discriminator for the Group Weight Event resource type.
Value: /livestock/weights/group-weight-event
Contemporary Group For manually recorded events, record any contemporary group code that would affect statistical analysis. String
Event Date Time A particular point in the progression of time. DateTimeOffset
Id The Pure Farming Id of this Group Weight Event. UUID
Remark A comment or remark field for additional user-specified information about the event. String
Responsible Use if an observation is manually recorded, or an event is carried out or authorised by a person. String
Trait Label Represents a formal trait, identifies the recording system and trait. Identifier
Animal Unique animal scheme and identifier combination. Identifier
Device Optional information about the device used for the measurement. Device
Time Off Feed Hours of curfew or withholding feed prior to weighing to standardise gut fill. Number
Weight The weight measurement, including units and resolution. Animal Weight

Animal Weight

The weight measurement, including units and resolution.

    "measurement": 168.5,
    "method": "String",
    "resolution": 0.5,
    "units": "String"
Response Item Description Data Type
Measurement The weight observation, in the units specified (usually kilograms). Number
Method The method of observation. Loadcell is the default if not specified. (Valid values: LoadCell, Girth, Assessed, WalkOver, Predicted, Imaged, FrontEndCorrelated, GroupAverage) Enumeration
Resolution The smallest measurement difference that can be discriminated given the current device settings. Specified in Units, for instance 0.5 (kilograms). Number
Units Units specified in UN/CEFACT 3-letter form. Default if not specified is KGM. (Valid values: KGM, GRM, LBR, TNE, MC, MGM, ONZ, PN) Enumeration