Resource Type: Group-Arrival


Get all group arrival events that you have access to.

GET /data/livestock/movement/group-arrivals

Get an individual group arrival event for the specified GroupArrivalId, the Id is required.

GET /data/livestock/movement/group-arrivals/{GroupArrivalId}

Get all group arrival events that are linked to the provided HoldingId, holding Id is required.

GET /data/holdings/{HoldingId}/livestock/movement/group-arrivals

Get an individual group arrival event with a given HoldingId and GroupArrivalId, both Ids are required

GET /data/holdings/{HoldingId}/livestock/movement/group-arrivals/{GroupArrivalId}

Response Structure

A call to the group arrival event endpoints returns the following fields.

  "id": "string",
  "resourceType": "/livestock/movement/group-arrival",
  "groupMethod": "string",
  "traitLabel" : {...},
  "consignment": {...},
  "contemporaryGroup": "string",
  "countObserved": "number",
  "arrivalReason" : "string",
  "eventDateTime": "DateTimeOffset",
  "explanation" : "string",
  "embeddedAnimalSet": {...},
  "inventoryClassification": {...},
  "location": {...},
  "remark" : "string",
  "responsible" : "string",
  "meta": {...},
  "animalSetReference": {...},
  "self": "string"
Response Item Description Data Type
Id The Pure Farming Id of this arrival event. UUID
Resource Type The fixed discriminator for the group arrival resource type.
Value: /livestock/movement/group-arrival
Group Method Indicates whether the event references an existing animal set, has an embedded animal set, or an inventory classification. (Valid values: ExistingAnimalSet, EmbeddedAnimalSet, InventoryClassification, EmbeddedAnimalSetAndInventoryClassification) Enumeration
Trait Label If the event represents a formal trait, this identifies the recording system and trait. Identifier
Consignment Consignment information for a movement (arrival, departure). Consignment
ContemporaryGroup For manually recorded events, record any contemporary group code that would affect statistical analysis. String
Count Observed Summarises the number of animals observed in the event. Generally the number of animals in the group, but sometimes a sample. Number
Arrival Reason The Reason for the arrival (Valid values: Purchase, Internal Transfer, Imported, Stud Service, Stud Service Return, Slaughter, Agistment, Agistment Return, Show, Show Return, Sale, Sale Return, Other) Enumeration
Event Date Time The datetime when the event happened. Shall be UTC format with Z, specified in RFC3339. Date/Time
Explanation Free text explanation of the reason for arrival. String
Embeded Animal Set Specifies the set of animals as a list of member animal identifiers. Embedded Animal Set
Inventory Classification Describe the group of animals by their characteristics rather than animal identifiers. Inventory Classification
Location An identifier for the location of the group arrival. Identifier
Remark A comment or remark field for additional user-specified information about the event. String
Responsible Use if an observation is manually recorded, or an event is carried out or authorised by a person. String
Meta Meta data for the resource. Metadata
Animal Set Reference Reference an existing animal set by ID and optionally URI. ResourceReference
Self A link to this specific group arrival. URI