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Common Livestock Objects


This provides metadata about a given object, including information about the creator, provenance and timestamps relating to its creation and modification.

  "source": "string",
  "sourceId": "string",
  "isDeleted": "false",
  "created": "2022-07-06T10:11:21.460Z", 
  "creator": "string", 
  "modified": "2022-07-06T10:11:21.460Z", 
  "validFrom": "2022-07-06T10:11:21.460Z", 
  "validTo": "2022-07-06T10:11:21.460Z" 
Response Item Description Data Type
Source Source where data is retrieved from. URI
SourceId Unique Id for the resource in the original source system. UUID
Is Deleted Indicating if this resource has been deleted in the source system. Boolean
Created The date on which it was created Date
Creator The person responsible for creating the data String
Modified The date on which the data was updated Date
Valid From The timestamp from which this data is valid Date/Time
Valid To The date to which the data is valid (or null for always valid) Date/Time

Embedded Animal Set

Specifies the set of animals as a list of member animal identifiers.

Embedded Animal Set object returns the following properties:

    "self": "string",
    "location": {...},
    "meta": {...},
    "resourceType": "/livestock/animal-set",
    "id": "string",
    "name": "string",
    "purpose": "string"
Response Item Description Data Type
Self A link to this specific Animal Set. URI
Location An identifier for the location of the Animal Set. Identifier
Meta Meta data for the resource. Metadata
Resource Type The fixed discriminator for the Animal Set resource type.
Value: /livestock/animal-set
Id The Pure Farming Id of this Animal Set. UUID
Member An identifier for the animal of the Animal Set. Array of Identifier
Name Human readable name of the Animal Set. String
Purpose Purpose of the Animal Set.
(Valid values: Enclosure, Feeding, Health, Lactation, Movement, Reproduction, Session, Other)

Inventory Classification

Describe the group of animals by their characteristics rather than animal identifiers.

Inventory Classification object returns the following properties:

    "birthPeriod": "string",
    "count": 10,
    "lactationStatus": "string",
    "name": "string",
    "primaryBreed": {...},
    "productionPurposes": [...],
    "reproductiveStatus": "string",
    "sex": "string",
    "species": "string"
Response Item Description Data Type
Birth Period The range of birth dates String
Count The count or number of animals in this inventory classification Number
Lactation Status The lactation status of animals
(Valid values: Dry, Lead, Fresh, Early, Lactating)
Name Human-readable name for this inventory grouping String
Primary Breed Primary breed defined using an identifier and scheme Identifier
Production Purposes Defines the primary product that for which this animal is bred or kept
(Valid values: Meat, Milk, Wool)
Array of Enumeration
Reproductive Status The reproductive/pregnancy status of animals
(Valid values: Open, Inseminated, Pregnant, NotPregnant, Birthed, DoNotBreed, PregnantMultipleFoetus)
Sex The sex of animals
(Valid values: Female, FemaleNeuter, Male, MaleCryptorchid, MaleNeuter, Unknown)
Species The species of animals
(Valid values: Buffalo, Cattle, Deer, Elk, Goat, Horse, Pig, Sheep)