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Resource Type: Livestock – Animal Statistics


Get all animal statistics that you have access to

GET /data/livestock/animal-statistics

Get a specific animal statistic

GET /data/livestock/animal-statistics/{animalStatisticId}

Get all animal statistics associated with a holding

GET /data/holdings/{holdingId}/livestock/animal-statistics

Get a single animal statistic associated with a holding

GET /data/holdings/{holdingId}/livestock/animal-statistics/{animalStatisticId}

Response Structure

A call to the animal statistic endpoints returns the following fields.

  "@self": "string",
  "location": {...},
  "meta": {...},
  "resourceType": "/livestock/animal-statistics",
  "startDate": "2023-01-03T11:00:00Z",
  "endDate": "2023-01-03T11:00:00Z",
  "duration": "string",
  "id": "string",
  "inventoryClassification": {...},
  "statistics": [{...}]
Response Item Description Data Type
Self A link to this specific animal statistic URI
Location An identifier for the location of the animal statistic Identifier
Meta Meta data for the resource Metadata
Resource Type The fixed discriminator for the animal statistic resource type.
Value: /livestock/animal-statistics
Start Date The start of the period covered by the statistics Datetime
End Date The end of the period covered by the statistics Datetime
Duration Defines the duration that the statistics apply to Enumeration
Id The Pure Farming Id of this animal statistic UUID
Inventory Classification Defines the group of animals by their characteristics to which the statistics refer Inventory Classification
Statistics Statistics that apply to the group of animals in this period Array of Statistic


A statistic on a group of animals for the specified period

  "metric": {
    "scheme": "antibioticUsage",
    "id": "udder"
  "qualifier": {
    "scheme": "eu.ema",
    "id": "DDDVet"
  "units": "DDDVet",
  "value": 12,
  "lastKnownValue": 2,
  "lastKnownValueDate": "2022-08-01",
  "aggregation": "COUNT"
Response Item Description Data Type
Metric The metric the statistic relates to Identifier
Qualifier The measurement standard or process used to create the statistic Identifier
Units The units of the statistic String
Value The value of the statistic Numeric
Last Known Value The last known value for this statistics point Numeric
Last Known Value Date UTC Date the last known value was observed Date
Aggregation The type of statistic String