Resource Type: Livestock – Animal Sets


Get all animal set that you have access to

GET /data/livestock/animal-sets

Get a specific animal set

GET /data/livestock/animal-sets/{animalSetId}

Get all animal sets associated with a holding

GET /data/holdings/{holdingId}/livestock/animal-sets

Get a single animal set associated with a holding

GET /data/holdings/{holdingId}/livestock/animal-sets/{animalSetId}

Response Structure

A call to the animal set endpoints returns the following fields.

  "@self": "string",
  "location": {...},
  "meta": {...},
  "resourceType": "/livestock/animal-set",
  "id": "string",
  "member": [{...}],
  "name": "string",
  "purpose": "string"
Response Item Description Data Type
Self A link to this specific animal set URI
Location An identifier for the location of the animal set Identifier
Meta Meta data for the resource Metadata
Resource Type The fixed discriminator for the animal set resource type.
Value: /livestock/animal-set
Id The Pure Farming Id of this animal set UUID
Member List of animals assigned to the set Array of Identifier
Name Name of the animal set String
Purpose Purpose of the animal set String