Resource Type: Livestock – Animal Groups


Get all Animal Group that you have access to

GET /data/livestock/animal-groups

Get a specific animal group

GET /data/livestock/animal-groups/{animalGroupId}

Get all animal groups associated with a holding

GET /data/holdings/{holdingId}/livestock/animal-groups

Get a single animal group associated with a holding

GET /data/holdings/{holdingId}/livestock/animal-groups/{animalGroupId}

Response Structure

A call to the animal group endpoints returns the following fields.

  "classification": {...},
  "id": "string",
  "self": "string",
  "location": {...},
  "meta": {...},
  "resourceType": "/livestock/animal-group"
Response Item Description Data Type
Classification The set of shared characteristics that defines the group of animals Classification
Id The Pure Farming Id of this Animal Group UUID
Self A link to this specific Animal Group URI
Location An identifier for the location of the Animal Group Identifier
Meta Meta data for the resource Metadata
Resource Type The fixed discriminator for the Animal Group resource type.
Value: /livestock/animal-group


Animal group classification are…

  "birthPeriod": "string",
  "count": 1,
  "lactationStatus": "string",
  "name": "string",
  "primaryBreed": {...},
  "productionPurposes": [...],
  "reproductiveStatus": "string",
  "sex": "string",
  "species": "string"
Response Item Description Data Type
Birth Period The range of birth dates of this Animal Group String
Count The count or number of animals in this inventory classification Number
Lactation Status The lactation status of animals. (Valid values: Dry, Lead, Fresh, Early, Lactating) Enumeration
Name Human-readable name for this inventory grouping String
Primary Breed ICAR breed code for this Animal Group. For example:
{ "scheme": "ICAR2", "id": "AN" }
For more details, see also Reference Data Breeds – PureFarming DevHub
Production Purposes Defines the primary product that for which this animal is bred or kept. (Valid values: Meat, Milk, Wool) Array of Enumeration
Reproductive Status The reproductive/pregnancy status of animals. (Valid values: Open, Inseminated, Pregnant, NotPregnant, Birthed, DoNotBreed, PregnantMultipleFoetus) Enumeration
Sex The gender of animals. (Valid values: Female, FemaleNeuter, Male, MaleCryptorchid, MaleNeuter, Unknown) Enumeration
Species The species of animals. (Valid values: Buffalo, Cattle, Deer, Elk, Goat, Horse, Pig, Sheep) Enumeration