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Resource Type: Inventory – Inventory Transaction


Get all of the inventory transactions that you have access to

GET /data/inventory/transactions

Get a specific inventory transaction by the given transaction Id

GET /data/inventory/transactions/{transactionId}

Get all of the inventory transactions associated with a holding

GET /data/holdings/{holdingId}/inventory/transactions

Get a single inventory transaction associated with a holding

GET /data/holdings/{holdingId}/inventory/transactions/{transactionId}

Response Structure

Note: The inventory transaction endpoints with multiple entries are paginated, please see Pagination for more details.

A call to the inventory transaction endpoints returns the following fields.

    "@self": "string",
    "id": "string",
    "location": {...},
    "meta": {...},
    "resourceType": "/inventory/transaction",
    "eventDateTime": "2023-02-10T09:00:00Z",
    "traitLabel": {...},
    "responsible": "string",
    "contemporaryGroup": "string",
    "remark": "string",
    "transactionKind": "string",
    "quantity": 100,
    "units": "string",
    "supplierName": "string",
    "expiryDate": "2023-03-28T08:00:00Z",
    "totalCost": 1324,
    "currency": "string",
    "packSize": 4,
    "numberOfPacks": 16,
    "product": {...}
Response Item Description Data Type
Self A link to this specific inventory transaction. URI
Id The Pure Farming Id of this inventory transaction. UUID
Location Unique location scheme and identifier combination. Identifier
Meta Meta data for the resource. Metadata
Resource Type The fixed discriminator for the inventory transaction resource type.
(Value: /inventory/transaction)
Event Date Time The date and time the event occurred. Datetime
Trait Label Represents a formal trait, identifies the recording system and trait. Identifier
Responsible Use if an observation is manually recorded, or an event is carried out or authorised by a person. String
Contemporary Group A contemporary group code that would affect statistical analysis. String
Remark A comment or remark field for additional user-specified information about the event. String
Transaction Kind Identifies the transaction kind.
(Valid values: Receipt, Disposal, OnHand, StockTake, Use)
Quantity The overall volume, weight or count of the product in the transaction in the units defined. String
Units The units of the quantity specified. String
Supplier Name The supplier of the product in this transaction. String
Expiry Date A particular point in the progression of time. Datetime
Total Cost Total cost applied to this transaction. Number
Currency The currency of the cost. String
Pack Size The volume or weight of the product in a pack in the units defined. Number
Number Of Packs The number of packs of the product in the transaction. Number
Product The product in this inventory transaction. Product


Product detail for the inventory transaction

    "identifier": {...},
    "reltype": "string",
    "href": "string",
    "identifiers": [...],
    "family": "string",
    "name": "string",
    "gtin": "string",
    "unspc": "string"  
Response Item Description Data Type
Identifier Identifies a resource. Identifier
Reltype Defines the relationship between the current resource and the referenced resource. String
Href Where provided, this is the URI to the referenced resource. URI
Identifiers An array of product identifiers. Identifier
Family The product family this product belongs to.
(Valid values: Animal Feeds
Animal Reproductive Products
Veterinary Supplies
Seed and Plant Material
Fertilisers and Nutrients
Pest Control Products
Other Animal Products
Milking Supplies
Fencing Supplies
Water System Supplies)
Name The name of the product. String
Gtin GS1 global trade item number. String
Unspc UN service and product code. String