Resource Type: Crops – Sample Plan


Get all sample plans that you have access to for a given Holding, the HoldingId is required in this case.

GET /data/holdings/{HoldingId}/crops/sample-plans

Get an individual sample plan for a given holding, both the HoldingId and the Id of the sample plan are required.

GET /data/holdings/{HoldingId}/crops/sample-plans/{Id} 

Response Structure

A call to the Sample Plan endpoint returns the following fields:

  "operation": "string", 
  "status": “string”, 
  "priority": 0, 
  "sampledOrganism": "string", 
  "samplingMethod": "string", 
  "id": "string", 
  "meta": { … }, 
  "observationDate": "2022-07-07T12:19:13.493Z", 
  "feature": { … }, 
  "holding": { … }, 
  "phenomenonTime": "string", 
  "remark": "string", 
  "responsible": "string", 
  "self": "string", 
  "identifiers": [ … ], 
  "links": [ … ], 
  "name": "string" 
Response Item Description Data Type
Operation The operation of the Sample String
Status The status of the Sample Plan Enumeration
Priority The priority of the Sample Plan, with possible values: immediately, soonAsPossible, high, medium, low Enumeration
Sampled Organism The organism that is planned to be sampled String
Sampling Method The method used for the sampling String
Id The Id of the Sample Plan UUID
Meta Metadata about the Sample Plan Metadata
Observation Date UTC date and time the sample plan was put in place. DateTime
Feature The feature that this Sample Plan is linked to Feature
Holding The Holding that this Sample Plan is linked to Feature
Phenomenon Time The time that the Sample is due to be taken Date/Time
Remark Any remarks recorded against this planned sample String
Responsible The person responsible for this Sample Plan String
Self A link to the specific Sample Plan URI
Identifiers Any identifiers for this Sample Plan Array of Identifiers
Links Any links relevant to this Sample Plan Array of Links
Name This is the name of the sample plan String