Resource Type: Core – Holdings


Get all holdings you have access to.

GET /data/holdings

Get a specified holding.

GET /data/holdings/{Id}

Response Structure

Holdings are a representation of a working Farm, whether it be comprised of multiple areas of land (contiguous or non-contiguous) or not, it is represented as a Holding. An individual Holding may have spatial information, or may not, if present it may be a centroid (point), or spatial feature (feature) or both.

A call to the Holdings endpoint returns the following fields.

  "featureCatalog": "string",
  "centroid": {...},
  "spatialFeature": {...},
  "totalArea": {...},
  "totalLength": {...},
  "internalId": "3fa85f64-5717-4562-b3fc-2c963f66afa6",
  "id": "string",
  "meta": {...},
  "self": "string",
  "identifiers": [...],
  "links": [...],
  "name": "string"
Response Item Description Data Type
Feature Catalog URL to a Feature Catalog that filtered to features that relate to the holding. URI
Centroid The center point of the Holding in relation to its Spatial Feature. This is a GeoJSON Point. GeoJSON Point
Spatial Feature The GeoJson Feature that provides the boundary of the holding. GeoJSON Feature
Total Area The total area of the Holding. Total Area
Total Length The total length of all boundaries for this Holding. Total Length
Id The Pure Farming ID of the Holding. UUID
Meta This shows the metadata about the Holding Metadata
Self A link to itself, to allow navigation. URL
Identifiers Any identifiers for this Holding Array of Identifiers
Links Any links relevant to this Holding Array of Links
Name The name of the Holding String