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Pure Farming data APIs are designed to deliver data for a range of different agricultural resources, which are standardised to a common schema regardless of the original data sources that provided the data.

The Data API is based on the REST standard, where URLs represent collections of data, and actions on the data are performed using HTTP verbs (Such as GET for retrieving data and POST for creating data). Any programming language capable of performing HTTPs requests can be used. Data returned from API uses the JSON standard.

API Reference

You can find the API reference for the Data API at https://developer.purefarming.com/resource-types/api-specification/


Most endpoints for the Data API require you to be authenticated. Find out more in the Authentication Section

Available Resource Types

Currently supported Resource Types are below:

  • Common Objects
    Items which are common across all Resource Types.
  • Core
    Core resource types, which are common across most data-requests.

    • Holdings
      A Holding is a representation of a working Farm, whether it be comprised of multiple areas of land (contiguous or non-contiguous) or not, it is represented as a Holding. An individual Holding may have spatial information, or may not, if present it may be a centroid (point), or spatial feature (feature) or both.
    • Plots
      Plots are a field or a piece of land that is used for planting and reaping crops.
      Although it is smaller than the holdings but is a quite substantial piece of land.
    • Land Covers
      Land Covers are a representation of hedges, and other biodiversity features for a given spatial feature.
  • Crops
    Resource types available for Crops.

    • Sample Plans
      Sample Plans provides information about a planned sampling activity for a crop at a geospatial feature (paddock, field, or block) level.
    • Sample Analysis
      Sample Analyses provide details about samples taken from a crop and the laboratory test results for those samples.
    • Load Receivals
      Load Receivals provide information about the arrival of harvested crop loads to a location.
    • Work Record
      Work records provide information about agricultural work and operations performed on a piece of land or crop.
    • Pasture Cover
      The Pasture Cover event records a pasture cover observation for a geospatial feature such as a plot.
  • Livestock
    Resource types available for Livestock.

    • Animals
      Animal provides information about individual animals.
    • Animal Sets
      Defines a set of identified animals which may be created for a particular purpose.
    • Animal Set Join Events
      To record the addition of an animal to an animal set.
    • Animal Set Leave Events
      To record the removal of an animal from an animal set.
    • Animal Statistics
      Holds animal statistics for the specified period for a group of livestock defined by an inventory classification.
    • Animal Groups
      Defines a group of animals in a medium-long term sense (for instance, a mob or pen or batch or class or line)
    • Movements
      Provides information about Movements that can be recorded against animals.
    • Birth Registrations
      Provides information about Birth Registrations for individual Animals.
    • Animal Arrival
      Provides information about Animal Arrivals for individual Animals.
    • Animal Departure
      Provides information about Animal Departures for individual Animals.
    • Animal Death
      Provides information about Animal Deaths for individual Animals.
    • Group Arrival
      Provides information about Animal Arrivals for Groups of Animals.
    • Group Departure
      Provides information about Animal Departures for Groups of Animals.
    • Group Death
      Provides information about Animal Deaths for Groups of Animals.
    • Consignment
      Provides information about animal movements that is common across the other movement resource types
    • Stock Reconciliation
      Provides information about a stock reconciliation event
    • Treatments
    • Group Treament Event
      Event for recording a medical treatment on a group of animals.
    • Weights Provides information about Weights that can be recorded against animals.
    • Group Weight Event The Group Weight event records liveweight observations for a group of animals.
    • Animal Assessment Event The assessment event records an assessment of an animal.
  • Dairy
    Resource types available for Dairy.