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Resource Type: Crops – Sample Analysis


Get all sample analyses that you have access to for a given Holding, the HoldingId is required in this case. 

GET /data/holdings/{HoldingId}/crops/sample-analyses 

Get an individual sample analysis for a given holding, both the HoldingId and Id of the sample analysis are required. 

GET /data/holdings/{HoldingId}/crops/sample-analyses/{Id} 
Response Structure

A call to the Sample analyses endpoint returns the following fields: 


  "operation": "string", 
  "status": 0, 
  "analysis": [ … ], 
  "priority": 0, 
  "sampledOrganism": "string", 
  "samplingMethod": "string", 
  "id": "string", 
  "meta": { … }, 
  "observationDate": "2022-07-07T12:52:56.227Z", 
  "feature": { … }, 
  "featureId": "3fa85f64-5717-4562-b3fc-2c963f66afa6", 
  "holding": { … }, 
  "holdingId": "3fa85f64-5717-4562-b3fc-2c963f66afa6", 
  "phenomenonTime": "string", 
  "remark": "string", 
  "responsible": "string", 
  "internalId": "3fa85f64-5717-4562-b3fc-2c963f66afa6", 
  "self": "string", 
  "identifiers": [ … ], 
  "links": [ … ], 
  "name": "string" 

Response Item DescriptionData Type
OperationThe operation of the Sample String
StatusThe status of the Sample analyses Enumeration
AnalysisThe details of the analysis Array of Analysis
PriorityThis is the priority of this sample analyses. It can be high, immediately, low, medium, as soon as possible. Enumeration
Sampled Organism The crop that was sampled. String
Sampling Method The method used for the sampling String
IdThe Id of the Sample analyses UUID
MetaMetadata about the Sample analyses Metadata
Observation Date The date of the Sample analyses Date
FeatureThe feature that this Sample analyses is linked to Feature
Feature Id The identifier for the Feature that this sample analyses is linked to UUID
HoldingThe Holding that this Sample Plan is linked to Feature
Holding Id The Identifier for the Holding UUID
Phenomenon Time The time when the sample analyses was done Date/Time
RemarkAny remarks recorded against this analyses String
ResponsibleThe person responsible for this Sample analyses String
SelfA link to the specific Sample analyses URL
Identifiers Any identifiers for this Sample analyses Array of Identifiers
LinksAny links relevant to this Sample analyses Array of Links
NameIt is the name of the sample analyses String

It provides all the information about the analysis that was done including the laboratory where the analysis was performed, the results of the analysis, etc. 

  "laboratory": { … }, 

  "laboratoryIdentifier": "string", 
  "responsible": "string", 
  "results": [ … ], 
  "sessionIdentifier": "string" 
Response Item DescriptionData type
AnalysisThe details of the analysis. String
LaboratoryInformation about the laboratory where the sample analysis was done Laboratory
Laboratory Identifier The identifier of the laboratory that performed the analysis String
ResponsibleThe person responsible for taking the analysis String
Results This shows the results of the analysis Array of Analysis Result
Session Identifier It provides information about the batch of samples that was analysed String

It provides information about the laboratory where the sample analysis was done including the leiCode of the laboratory, its URI, etc. 

  "registration": { 
    "additionalProp1": "string", 
    "additionalProp2": "string", 
    "additionalProp3": "string" 
  "leiCode": "string", 
  "name": "string", 
  "uri": "string", 
  "globalLocationNumber": "string" 
Response Item DescriptionData type
RegistrationThis shows any additional property that relates to the registration. It can be { “hello”: “world”, “bob”: “smith”, “value”: -1 } Object
LEI Code The legal entity identifier code of the laboratory String
NameIt is the name of the laboratory String
URIThe uniform resource identifier for this laboratory String
Global Location Number It is the global location number of the laboratory String
Analysis Result

It shows the results of a sample analysis that was done on a given crop. 

  "abbreviation": "string", 
  "errorStatistic": 0, 
  "method": "string", 
  "metric": "string", 
  "name": "string", 
  "rawUnit": "string", 
  "rawValue": 0, 
  "resolution": 0, 
  "status": 0, 
  "unit": "string", 
  "value": 0 
Response Item DescriptionData type
Abbreviation The abbreviation for that particular result String
Error statistic It shows the statistical errors in the results Numeric
MethodThis describes the URI of the method URI
MetricIt is the URI to the metric that the result represents URI
NameThe name of test String
Raw Unit The raw unit of the data. String
Raw value The raw value of the data. Numeric
ResolutionWhere the values are numeric, it describes how many decimal places they are recorded. For instance, the resolution can be 4, which demonstrates that the value should be to 4 decimal places. Numeric
Status This shows the status of the sample analyses that were done on the crop that was received. The status can be completed, inProgress, notDetected, outOfBounds, scheduled Enumeration
UnitThe standard unit of measurement. String
Value The value determined after it has been converted into the standardised unit. String