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Resource Type: Common Objects

Here is the list of common Arrays or Objects of Metadata, Feature, Holding, identifier and link. 


It provides metadata about a given object, including information about the creator, provenance and timestamps relating to its creation and modification. 

  "created": "2022-07-06T10:11:21.460Z", 
  "creator": "string", 
  "modified": "2022-07-06T10:11:21.460Z", 
  "sourceId": { … }, 
  "validFrom": "2022-07-06T10:11:21.460Z", 
  "validTo": "2022-07-06T10:11:21.460Z" 
Response Item DescriptionData Type
CreatedThe date on which it was created Date 
CreatorThe person responsible for creating the data String
ModifiedThe date on which the data was updated Date
SourceIDThe identifier of the source that originated that data Identifier
Valid from The timestamp from which this particular data is valid Date/Time
Valid to It shows the date till which the data is valid Date/Time

It provides information about the feature that this sample plan is linked to.  

   "contentType": "string", 
   "identifier": { 
     "id": "string", 
     "scheme": "string" 
   "name": "string", 
   "uri": "string" 
Response Item DescriptionData Type
Content Type The content type of the link String
IdentifierAny identifier for this Sample Plan/Sample analyses/Load receival Identifier
NameThis is the name of the feature String
URIThe uniform resource identifier of this feature String

It provides information about any identifiers for this sample plan. 

  "id": "string", 
  "scheme": "string" 
Response Item DescriptionData Type
IdIt is the value of the identifier String
SchemeURI of the identifier scheme, often specified in reverse DNS notation. For instance, it could be- uk.gov.defra.cph String